LinkedIn is a "Goldmine of Leads" for nearly any type of business.

Are you struggling to increase sales inside your organization?

Do you or your sales team struggle to find new leads to nurture?

Do you struggle to create a consistent cadence of new content that communicates to your customer that you understand their pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Linked Goldmine Formula could be right for you.

The Linked Goldmine Formula is a customized B2B Do-For-You (DFY) LinkedIn Lead Generation Service for start-ups and small & mid-size businesses.

If you're looking for a predictable, repeatable and scalable lead generation solution to create high-quality LinkedIn connections that result in new relationships and profitable new business opportunities, then the Linked Goldmine Formula could be right for you.

Are you ready to discover whether your ideal customers & clients are on LinkedIn?

Our custom five-step approach includes includes:

Get Found. Get Noticed. Get Picked.

To get found, noticed, and picked on LinkedIn requires a profile that stands-out from everyone else. 

When your ideal customers and clients visit your profile, they need to know that you represent the solution to the issue they're trying to solve.

If you have well-crafted LinkedIn profile, you are taking the first step to starting a successful (and profitable) professional relationship.

Your profile is your brand.

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Discover Your Goldmine

We work with you to identify your Ideal Customers & Clients.

LinkedIn has a powerful search engine. We're going to show you how to use it.

We're looking for results for you that are in the 1000's to connect with.

We're mining for gold here..

Invitations That Peak Interest

We work with you to create custom “Invitation to Connect”  templates.

We'll repeat this process each time we engage a new target. audience to connect with.

A custom messages is a 1000x more effective than a "vanilla" Invitation to Connect.

Thanks For The Connection

We work with you to create custom "Thank you" and "Follow-up" messages.

We'll also help you craft unique questionnaires so that you can start a discovery dialog with your ideal customers and clients.

We're not just collecting connections.

Nurture Your Connections By Creating Content That Matters

We take an active role in helping you create valuable original content (ex. Podcasts & Articles etc.) that you share on LinkedIn with your 1st degree connections.

The more times you share valuable content with your connections, you begin to strengthen the know-like-trust quotient with them.

"Howard Fox is the "go to" guy for any technical help on how to increase your market, get yourself promoted, and use LinkedIn to its ultimate best advantage."

Leni Wildflower, PhD, PCC
Executive Coach, Consultant, Author and Educator

"Howard is an outstanding Executive Coach and a LinkedIn Guru. He has done the heavy lifting on what a profile should look like and how to take it to the next level. Opinions on profiles are abundant and I’m a busy guy, which is why Howard is my go-to source for all things LinkedIn and personal branding. I’ve had the privilege meeting and working with Howard over the last year, and I can tell you he’s the real deal. He is honest, helpful, genuine, kind, keen, detailed and talented. He can take any LinkedIn profile, break it into parts, polish each one and then reassemble it into a cohesive story that promotes the individual."

Russ Webster
Saas Solutions Expert

"I'd known for months that, with two businesses, my LinkedIn page was not serving me. But thanks to Howard's VIP guidance I'm now clear on LinkedIn's hidden/implied structure -- and how to leverage it to work for each business and show them off in a way that people easily "get" what I do."

Dorothy Kuhn
Career Advancement Mentor

"Howard Fox has been helping me create and refine my LinkedIn profile. His training webinars and online manual are relatable making it easy to systematically create an impressive profile. The webinars are interactive with Howard and the group members available to offer immediate feedback. Most impressive is Howard's great customer support. He graciously shares his knowledge and resources and willingly helps resolve any issues that arise. I highly recommend hiring Howard for his social media marketing knowledge and LinkedIn webinars. "

Terri Flynn
Career Coach

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