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Patrick Lencioni, Author, "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team"

Mastering the art of team building—and team membership—is one of the hardest challenges
that leaders & organizations encounter.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team TM

Teams that learn to eliminate destructive time-wasting behaviors and focus on the real issues at hand.

These teams develop:

  • Trust
  • Engage in Productive Conflict
  • Make Commitments
  • Hold Each Other Accountable; and
  • Continually Measure Results

Teams that excel at these five behaviors drive performance & profits are what differentiate them from organizations that continue to struggle. 

Everything DiSC ® Profiles

We individuals and teams throughout the organization to coaching and professional development.

Individuals and teams are trained and coached to understand their own behaviors and how these behaviors impact their effectiveness on the job, with their management, peers, and subordinates. 

Our goal is to help create a culture of more productive working relationships and improve the quality of the workplace overall.

Is leadership development a topic of discussion inside your organization, either for yourself, or a member of your team?


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