Make Conflict In Your Organization Productive


Can Conflicts Be Productive?

Yes, while conflict are inevitable, they can also be productive. Successful organizations that learn to embrace conflict see increases in performance from individuals and teams.

  • Leaders & teams that learn to address conflicts constructively are what set high-performing individuals and teams apart from everyone else.
  • Understanding one's own preferences for engaging in conflict and recognizing the preference and needs of others, is the key to responding constructively and productively when the conflict does arise.
  • When conflict reaches a point that it is perceived as abrasive, leaders and & teams learn how to respond to these extreme cases of abrasive behavior.

Style Matters - Conflict Style Inventory

  • The goal of the Conflict Style Inventory (CSI) is to improve conflict awareness among individuals and team
  • The Conflict Style Inventory is designed to work in diverse cross-cultural setting.
  • The results highlight an individual user's
    preferred styles of dealing with conflict in settings of "Calm" as well as in "Storm".
  • Individuals and teams learn through facilitated workshops and individual coaching to bring out their best in functioning within each style.
  • Individuals and teams will learn to make conscious choices about their options and strategies when in entering into a conflict.
  • When we bring conscious choices to addressing conflict, we learn to bring intelligence, creativity, and values into our responses.

Managing Abrasive Behavior

What’s one of the toughest jobs managers face?

Managing abrasive employee behavior is no easy task, and doing it poorly, or failing to do it altogether can have disastrous consequences for your organization, your team, and you.

Business owners & managers know what they should do (intervene early, be specific and develop a corrective action plan), but why is it so terribly hard to do it, and what can they do to handle unacceptable employee behavior calmly, confidently, and expertly?

The Managing Abrasive Behavior program is designed for managers and human resource professionals to learn to Intervene calmly and confidently with abrasive employees.

Create a foundation of behavioral expectations for lasting respectful conduct in the workplace.

Is conflict discussed inside your organization, either for yourself, an individual or a team?


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