Fox Coaching, Inc.

Fox Coaching, Inc. was founded by Howard Fox. He is a recovering Information Technology (IT) business consultant who woke up one day and asked himself, "why am I so miserable?"

He soon set-out on a journey to discover how to make a difference in his life, and in the lives of everyone else.


Howard brings knowledge and expertise in five areas to his coaching work. He coaches, trains, and consults to:

  • Business Owners & Professionals in all walks of life to become better leaders.
  • Intact Teams inside organizations to behave and work more cohesively together.
  • Individuals and Teams inside organizations to engage in productive conflict and remove abrasive behavior from the workplace.
  • Business Clients to grow their business by using LinkedIn as a Lead Generation Tool.
  • Individuals to help them make life & career choices that make them happier and more satisfied professionally. 



  • Howard holds an MA in Organization Development and Leadership from Fielding Graduate U. 
  • He is graduate of Fielding’s Accredited Coach Training Program.  
  • He received his undergraduate degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Public Administration from Wayne State University.
  • His coaching credentials are recognized by the International Coach Federation 

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