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Melanie Radzicki McManus is an accomplished through-hiker and distinguished travel writer. She has conquered an impressive lineup of trails, with six major through-hikes under her belt—including the scenic stretches of the Arizona Trail and the historic pathways of the Potomac Heritage Trail. Her journey continues as she aims to complete all eleven National Scenic Trails, sharing insights from her experiences on the ICE Age Trail in her book "Thousand-Miler: Adventures Hiking the Ice Age Trail" and promoting outdoor exploration in her guide, "100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Dells Before You Die."

Enjoy this episode with Melanie on the Outdoor Adventure Series podcast! 


  1. What inspired Melanie to embark on her first thru-hike, and how did that experience shape her subsequent adventures?
  2. Melanie emphasizes the importance of certain gear for safety and comfort on the trails. Which piece of gear does she consider essential for beginners and why?
  3. How does Melanie balance her love of solitude with the social aspects of hiking on long trails, and what does she gain from each experience?
  4. Considering the diverse landscapes Melanie has traversed, which single trail would she recommend to someone looking to experience the sheer beauty of nature and why?
  5. With Melanie's husband joining her on some hikes, how does she feel his companionship enhances the hiking experience, and what advice would they give to other couples looking to hike together?
  6. What logistical challenges does Melanie face when preparing for a months-long thru-hike, and how does she approach problem-solving on the trail?
  7. Melanie mentioned the importance of not having regrets and quoted Helen Keller about life being a daring adventure. Can she share a specific moment on her hikes where she felt this philosophy was truly tested?
  8. What advice would Melanie give to those with physical disabilities who wish to experience hiking, and how can they find accessible trails that accommodate their needs?


To learn more about Melanie and her work, visit her website at  https://thethousandmiler.com/

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