Beyond the Guidebooks: An Author's Journey into Crafting Atmospheric Travel Fiction


Welcome back to another Career Focus Series episode on the Success InSight Podcast! Today, we have a special treat for aspiring writers. Joining us is Amy Hagstrom, a seasoned travel writer turned fiction author. Amy shares her journey of transitioning from nonfiction to the captivating world of storytelling.

In this episode, Amy discusses her decision to pursue traditional publishing for her debut novel, "The Wild Between Us."  She shares valuable tips on setting aside time for writing, combating isolation, and the importance of critique groups.

Listeners will also learn how Amy stays true to the essence of real locations while anchoring her stories in a fictitious setting. With her love for travel writing and deep connection to different places, Amy empowers us to see destinations as characters in our tales.


  1.  Amy's decision to pursue traditional publishing for their book instead of self-publishing.
  2.  The speaker emphasizes the importance of setting aside a specific time each day for writing.
  3.  The importance of combatting isolation when working remotely or from home. 
  4.   How has travel writing evolved into more quick, easily digestible content, and how has the landscape of travel writing changed in recent years?
  5.   The challenge of transitioning from travel writing to fiction writing.
  6.  Amy's approach to using real places as a basis for drawing inspiration for her fiction writing.
  7.  The importance of collaboration and support among authors in the industry and support in her writing community.
  8.  How the landscape of book launches has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  9.  How does Amy prioritize and dedicate time to work on her writing projects while also honoring herself and her time and the strategies she has found effective in maintaining a balance between writing and self-care?


To discover more about Amy and her work, visit her website at or on Instagram.


The overexposure of some 'hidden gem' destinations 

An article that inspired her most recent novel:


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