Boosting Economic Development and Adventure Tourism


Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series. Today we have an extraordinary guest, Jill Lagan, the CEO of the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce and Host of The Best Dam Podcast.

Jill's expertise in business promotion, event production, and government advocacy makes her a dynamic leader in the Boulder City community, The State of Nevada, and among her peers in the Regional Chamber of Commerce associations.

We'll dive into Jill's journey, her family’s rich history with Boulder City, and the multifaceted role of chambers of commerce in supporting local businesses. From discussing innovative tourism initiatives like the new Boulder City Adventure Center to sharing her personal connections with the majestic Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, Jill offers invaluable insights into what makes Boulder City a unique destination.

Join us as we explore the significance of human connection, the power of community engagement, and the joy of watching businesses thrive. Plus, hear about Jill's pride in her daughters' achievements.


🌄 Boulder City’s Scenic Charm
📢 Community & Business Advocacy
🌍 Sustainable Tourism & Conservation
🚂🏞️ State Projects: Nevada State Railroad Museum | Boulder City, and the Boulder City Adventure Center
🌠 Nevada's commitment to creating dark sky-friendly areas
🎤  The Best Dam Podcast


To learn more about Jill and the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, visit their website at

You can also visit the Boulder City Chamber on Facebook

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Western Association of Chamber Executives
Nevada State Railroad Museum | Boulder City
Team Lagan


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