Crossing Lines: The Ultimate Guide to Breaks Interstate Park


Crossing Lines: The Ultimate Guide to Breaks Interstate Park is the fifth episode in our series promoting Northeast Tennessee as a tourism destination. It is produced in collaboration with Visit Johnson City and regional partners hosting the OWAA's inaugural Field Fest event.

Today, our guest is Austin Bradley, Superintendent at Breaks Interstate Park. Austin is a dedicated advocate for outdoor conservation and public education about America's state and national parks.

Austin's work primarily focuses on The Breaks Interstate Park, a unique 5,000-acre area park tucked away in Kentucky and Virginia's rugged, scenic borders and administered jointly by Kentucky and Virginia. Unlike traditional state parks, The Breaks is one of only two interstate parks in the nation, sharing this distinction with Palisades Interstate Park, between New York and New Jersey.  His efforts aim to enhance awareness and preservation of these vital recreational and natural resources, ensuring they remain a priority in the public consciousness.


🎧 Episode Spotlight: Austin Bradley - Breaks Interstate Park
πŸ™οΈ Geographic and Natural Features of Breaks Interstate Park
🏞️ Historical Context of the Breaks Interstate Park
πŸŒ‰ The deepest gorge east of the Mississippi
πŸ₯ΎπŸ¦œ Outdoor activities - Fishing, Hiking, Bird Watching
🏞️ Wildlife biodiversity experiences 
🍽️ Lodging & Dining - The Rhododendron Restaurant
❄️ Winter at Breaks Interstate Park


Click here to learn more about Breaks Interstate Park on their website. Be sure to visit their Facebook page.


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