Discover Greene County, TN: Outdoor Adventure and Economic Growth


Discover Greene County—Outdoor Adventure and Economic Growth is the sixth episode in our series promoting Northeast Tennessee as a tourism destination. It is produced in collaboration with Visit Johnson City and regional partners hosting the OWAA's inaugural Field Fest event.

Our guest, Jeff Taylor, the president and CEO of Greene County Partnership and Discover Greeneville, joins us to discuss the vibrant outdoor life in Northeast Tennessee. In this episode, we dive into how Greene County is boosting its tourism and economic development through innovative collaborations and initiatives.

Jeff shares insight into the county's role in the upcoming Field Fest event, a celebration of regional culture featuring Appalachian Southern cuisine, picturesque bike trails, and charming historical downtowns. Whether you're hiking the Appalachian trail, attending the Iris Festival, or star-gazing along the Netta night sky trail, Greene County offers a treasure trove of experiences that beckon adventurers.


🎧 Episode Spotlight: Jeff Taylor, Greene County Partnership, and Discover Greeneville.
πŸ™οΈ Discussion on tourism being a major economic contributor in Greene County.
🏞️ Information about the Field Fest event in collaboration with Visit Johnson City and regional partners, including local foods, bike trails, and llamas and alpacas
🏁 Specific examples of collaborations include hospitality training for students, coordination with Bristol for NASCAR events, and joint marketing efforts.
πŸ™οΈ Discover Greeneville, Greene County, TN Passport that encourages tourism to various local sites.
🌲Greene County’s natural attractions - the Appalachian Trail and the Nolechucky River.


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