Elizabethton and Carter County, TN Outdoors and Tourism Highlights


Elizabethton and Carter County, TN Outdoors and Tourism Highlights is the third episode in our series to promote Northeast Tennessee as a tourism destination. It is produced in collaboration with Visit Johnson City and regional partners hosting the OWAA's inaugural Field Fest event.

We have the pleasure of journeying into the heart of Northeast Tennessee with Luke Freeman, the tourism director for the scenic region of Elizabethton and Carter County, TN.

In this episode, we're peeling back the layers of the great outdoors in northeast Tennessee. This area has seen a surge in nature-based travel since the world began seeking refuge in Mother Nature's arms. With attractions like the Appalachian Trail, Watauga Lake, and the Tweetsie Trail, it's no wonder that Carter County is a magnet for thru-hikers, families, and adventurers alike.


🎧 Episode Spotlight: Luke Freeman - Elizabethton and Carter County
🌄 Hiking, Fishing, and Historical Adventures Await
🎻 Cover Bridge Park - A Cultural Beacon
🏡 A Place So Lovely, You Might Stay
🎓 Tips for Aspiring Tourism Professionals
📲 Connect and Discover More
🛶 Nature-Based Travel on the Rise


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