Embracing Essential Oils for Healthier Living


Welcome back to the Success InSight Podcast! In today's enlightening episode of our "Mind, Body, and Soul" series, we have the pleasure of chatting with Sheila Kinsey, a passionate wellness advocate and essential oil educator representing doTERRA essential oils.

Sheila will guide us through the transformative experiences of using essential oils as nature's alternative to the synthetic products that crowd our shelves. We'll sniff out the top ten essential oils, explore starter kits for beginners, and even get some ideas for creating our blends.


  1. Can you delve deeper into the historical and spiritual significance of essential oils, and how it relates to their usage today?
  2. Sheila emphasizes using essential oils as a natural alternative to synthetic chemicals found in everyday products.
  3. Sheila's approach to wellness includes the use of essential oils on animals. What considerations and precautions should one take when using oils with pets?
  4. With the abundance of information available, how does Sheila recommend someone new to essential oils begin their education, and what are the first steps to getting involved?
  5. Network marketing in the essential oils field is often misunderstood. What clarifications can Sheila provide, and how does she approach these misconceptions?
  6. How can consumers personalize their aroma preferences using essential oils?
  7. Looking at the top ten essential oils mentioned by Sheila, what are some practical applications for each, and could you share some of the unique blends created for different purposes?


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Intro to Oils Class Recording


To learn more about Sheila and her work, click here to visit her Linktree site.

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