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In this coaching and consulting insight series episode,  we are joined by Jamar Washington, an ICF-certified coach,  corporate trainer, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and the founder of #I Won't Starve Academy.

Through transparent coaching, Jamar emphasizes eliminating financial barriers and providing practical, tailored advice over rigid scripts. With a legacy of guiding young African American men through his Fast Track business training program, Jamar's work epitomizes empowerment and community upliftment.


  1. How did Jamar's experiences as a young entrepreneur without mentors shape his approach to coaching and his desire to provide practical help to others?
  2. What unique challenges do entrepreneurs face when participating in business accelerators, and how does Jamar tailor his coaching methods to support their growth?
  3. In what ways does Jamar's coaching program emphasize transparency and aim to eliminate financial barriers for new entrepreneurs seeking guidance?
  4. How does Jamar balance providing customized advice based on practical business principles?
  5. What lessons did Jamar learn from his coaching training that have influenced his methods in identifying when he is or is not the best fit for a client?
  6. Considering Jamar's diverse background as a motivational speaker, photographer, and entrepreneur, how does this experience enhance his consulting services for corporate and commercial clients?
  7. Jamar discusses the importance of motivation, mentorship, and teamwork in entrepreneurship. How does his program specifically address these elements for the participants?
  8. What strategies does Jamar suggest for entrepreneurs regarding networking, establishing strategic partnerships, and analyzing potential partners through a reverse SWOT analysis?
  9. How does Jamar's coaching adapt to the diverse needs of different generations transitioning into entrepreneurship?


To learn more about Jamar and his work, visit his website at https://jhaleem.com/.

You can also find Jamar on these social sites:



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