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Welcome to another Consulting & Coaching Insights Series episode on the Success InSight Podcast!

In today's episode, we have a special guest, Tim Hast, a trainer and executive coach who co-founded Encore Life Skills. Tim and his team offer various organizational training, development, and coaching services, focusing on leadership, communication, conflict management, and team building.

Throughout our conversation, Tim shared his passion for helping others succeed and discussed his work with a behavioral healthcare company. We explore how they utilize online modalities like Zoom, as well as the reuse and repurposing of recorded content from these conversations.


  1.  How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected communication and civility in workplaces?
  2.  What are some strategies for engaging employees and reducing turnover?
  3.  How can emotional intelligence and awareness improve communication outcomes?
  4.  How have virtual meetings and webinars changed our engagement with audiences?
  5.  What are some practical methods for keeping participants engaged during virtual seminars or webinars?
  6.  How can organizational leaders be developed and prepared for future leadership positions?
  7.  What are the advantages of shorter, more focused training sessions compared to longer ones?
  8.  How can understanding different communication styles and preferences enhance our interactions with others?
  9.  What are the benefits of repurposing recorded content, like podcasting, for learning and development opportunities?
  10.  How has technology, such as Zoom and online modalities, transformed how we approach coaching and consulting?


Join us as we dive into virtual coaching and professional development and discover the impact these practices can have on individuals and organizations alike. Be sure to visit Tim's website, Encore Life Skills,  to learn more about him, his wife Ruthie, and their incredible team.

Tim also invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn.


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