Experience Outdoor Adventure in Northeast Tennessee: Visit Johnson City

This episode is the first in a series to promote Northeast Tennessee as a tourism destination. It is produced in collaboration with Visit Johnson City and regional partners hosting the Outdoor Writers of Association of America's (OWAA) inaugural Field Fest event.

Our guests are Alec Castro, the director of sales and public relations for Visit Johnson City, and Allie Bynum, marketing and membership curator for the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association. 

Alec shares highlights of the heart-pumping outdoor activities in and around Johnson City, from hiking Roan Mountain to white-water rafting. He'll also guide us through the bustling downtown eateries, historical sites, and cultural vibrancy of this beautiful part of Tennessee.

Allie is a passionate advocate for Northeast Tennessee's natural beauty and an expert in local stewardship. She discusses the responsibility of preserving the region's precious landscapes and reveals how tourism has become an $841 million boon to the region's economy.

Alec and Allie share that Field Fest is more than just a conference; it's a holistic experience designed to bring OWAA members together to advance their careers through education sessions, networking, and engaging in the region's premier outdoor activities.


  1. How does Johnson City's blend of urban amenities and outdoor adventures enhance visitors' experiences in the region?
  2. How do Allie and Alec balance promoting Northeast Tennessee's natural beauty with the need for environmental conservation and stewardship?
  3.  In what ways is the Northeast Tennessee region working towards being more inclusive and accessible to individuals with disabilities, particularly in outdoor settings?
  4. What economic benefits has Northeast Tennessee seen as a result of being a top industry destination in the region, and how does it plan to ensure sustainable growth in tourism?
  5. How does the collaborative effort among Northeast Tennessee's geographic areas enhance the overall marketing strategy and tourist appeal?
  6. As hosts of the Field Fest event, what are Alec and Allie hoping to achieve in terms of professional development and networking for OWAA members?
  7. Alec and Allie also share their go-to list of local tourism destinations, culture, food & beverage, and music destinations.


Click here to learn more about Visit Johnson City and the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association.  Be sure to visit their social sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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