Expert Tips for Upgrading Your Wilderness Adventure Food Game


Welcome back to another episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series! The one and only, Chef Steve Corso, founder and head chef of Outdoor Eats, is joining us to spice up your trail meals and transform your outdoor dining experiences!

Chef Corso is not your ordinary chef; with over 20 years in the food industry, this classically trained culinary expert has taken his passion for cooking to the great outdoors.


  • Introduction to Chef Corso and Outdoor Eats
  • Recipe Ideas and Meal Planning for the Trail
  • Backcountry Cooking Strategies
  • Recommended Backpacking Ingredients
  • Development and Growth of Outdoor Eats
  • Approach to Ultralight Backpacking Meals
  • Ingredients and Meal Preparation Techniques
  • Community Building Around Outdoor Cooking


To learn more about Chef Corso and his work, visit his website at Outdoor Eats.

You can also visit Chef Corso on these social sites:



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