Exploring Marital Complexities in The Missing


Today, we're joined by the distinguished Emmy award-winner and best-selling author Ben Tanzer on the Success InSight Podcast.  In this episode, we take a deep dive with Ben into his gripping new novel, "The Missing"— which intricately explores marriage's psychological landscapes with disturbing realism and pathos.

As we unravel the layers of Ben's creative process, we'll discover the dynamic forces that drive his storytelling and the synergy between our roles in the podcasting world. You'll hear about the challenges artists face in carving out their careers and making a living—and how Ben has been reshaping the career development landscape for fellow artists and freelancers at Lake Forest College and Columbia College.

And what episode would be complete without a bit of fun? We'll chat about Ben's favorite craft cocktail bar in Chicago, Sparrow—perhaps planning a future meet-up for an adult beverage.


  1. Can you elaborate on the psychological elements that influenced the dynamics of the marriage portrayed in "The Missing"?
  2. As someone who has experience teaching branding and strategic planning to artists, how did Ben apply those skills to his career, particularly with the launch of the novel?
  3. How does the concept of blame and disappointment play into the internal struggles of the characters in "The Missing," and what inspired you to explore these themes?
  4. Ben and Howard discuss the impact of small events on our lives. Can you offer more insight into how these events are woven into the narrative of "The Missing"?
  5. With Ben's intentional focus on minor characters and the internal battles of the main characters, what challenges did he face in keeping the readers engaged and invested?
  6. In the context of building a personal brand on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, how do you both balance authenticity with strategic promotion?
  7. Ben, can you share some of the unexpected opportunities that have arisen from being active on social media and having a clear online presence?
  8. For aspiring authors and artists listening to this episode, what final pieces of advice would you give for navigating the complexities of creating work that is both meaningful to them and appealing to a broader audience?


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Click here to find The Missing - a Novel on Amazon or request a copy from your bookseller of choice.


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