Finding Peace and Purpose in Nature: The God of Wild Places


In today’s episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series, we chatted with Tony Jones, a man who traded his pulpit for the wilderness, finding purpose in the hunt and the ancient dance with nature. From his youth in Minnesota to confronting personal challenges and finding solace in the great outdoors, Tony's journey is a powerful testament to mentorship and the healing power of nature. We discussed his impactful memoir, "The God of Wild Places," the sacredness of sourcing one’s meat, and how his beloved yellow labs have shaped his path. Join us as we uncover life lessons amongst the backdrop of nature's grandeur.


📖 "The God of Wild Places"

🌟 Discover how outdoor activities and mentorship can revive our connection with nature and history.

🌳 Embracing the Hunt.

🍽️ Gain insight into the ethical and spiritual facets of sourcing and preparing your own food.

 🐾 Learn about the special bonds formed through outdoor companionship, from loyal dogs to fellow hunters.


To learn more about Tony, you can visit him on the Reverend Hunter website and these social sites:

Reverend Hunter Podcast


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