Keep Your Cool with Abrasive Colleagues


Dr. Laura Crawshaw is the founder of the Boss Whispering Institute. Her professional expertise includes coaching abrasive leaders and training their superiors to intervene. Her target clients include Executive Coaches and Managers of Abrasive Leaders.

Laura shares her insights on handling aggressive clients and customers, stressing the significance of calming strategies and setting boundaries where necessary. Additionally, we’ll discuss the challenges solo entrepreneurs face with combative behavior and how this could be a manifestation of anxiety and a fight-or-flight response.

Stay tuned as we unpack the strategies for confronting these behaviors assertively and compassionately and discuss the highlights of Dr. Crawshaw's 5-hour course on managing abrasive conduct. We look forward to helping you cultivate a more harmonious and effective leadership approach.


  1. How does abrasive behavior in the workplace impact customer experience and retention
  2. How do employers and managers proactively address abrasive behavior to ensure a healthier work environment?
  3. What are the tools and strategies for managing abrasive leadership?
  4. Considering the transition to more virtual work environments, how does abrasive behavior manifest differently online than in-person interactions?
  5. How can managers become effective "guardians" of their organization's mission and protect the psychological safety of their employees?
  6. What key components of the "management backbone" that Dr. Crawshaw highlights, and how can they be developed in practice?
  7. The relationship between anxiety, a sense of threat, and aggressive behaviors in clients and customers
  8. When is it acceptable to disassociate or cut off a relationship with a client or customer, and how should that process be managed?
  9. What strategies does Dr. Crawshaw provide for dealing with aggression between entrepreneurs in the same working environment?


Grow Your Spine & Manage Abrasive Leadership Behavior: A Guide for Those Who Manage Bosses Who Bully

Taming the Abrasive Manager: How to End Unnecessary Roughness in the Workplace


To learn more about Dr. Crawshaw and her work, visit the Boss Whispering Institute website at


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