The Art of Balancing Work and Adventure: Insights from Digital Nomad and Coach


Welcome back to the Career Focus Series on the Success InSight Podcast. Our special guest is Jonathan Christian.

Jonathan is a digital nomad who can work from anywhere, day or night, thanks to his laptop, webcam, and microphone.

Instead of waiting until retirement to enjoy life, as he understands the uncertainty of life expectancy, he values his marriage and quality of life. Jonathan plans to travel the world with his wife, Debbie, while living a nomadic lifestyle.

We caught up with Jonathan after spending an incredible seven weeks in Thailand as he and Debbie embraced the low season and immersed themselves in the cultural diversity. Jonathan shares his tips for managing clients in different time zones, the importance of a thoughtful work-life blend, and how he incorporates travel into his work. He even shared how he is transforming his professional future. 


  1.  How does Jonathan's approach to bookmarking his hours contribute to his productivity and motivation? 
  2.  What are the benefits of prioritizing work and quality of life?
  3.  How does Jonathan's perspective on enjoying life now, rather than waiting until retirement, resonate with you? 
  4.  What are your thoughts on Jonathan's focus on his marriage and plans to travel the world with his wife?
  5.  How does Jonathan effectively manage his business and clients while traveling in different time zones?
  6.  Have you had any experiences where you had to give yourself permission to pursue your passions or travel while working? 
  7.  Do you think incorporating travel into work is a feasible and beneficial lifestyle choice, as Jonathan believes? 
  8.  How does Jonathan navigate potential challenges with his clients when it comes to traveling and working remotely? 
  9.  What are your thoughts on balancing work and personal life in light of Jonathan's work-life blend approach?


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To learn more about Jonathan and his business coaching practice, visit his website at


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