The Art of Solution Focused Team Coaching Methods


In this episode, "Solution Focused Team Coaching," we delve deep into the innovative strategy that organizations can adopt to foster growth, address challenges, and facilitate change. We're joined by coaching experts and authors of the influential book's second edition: Kirsten Dierolf, Cristina Mühl, Carlo Perfetto, and Rafal Szaniawski  —all from the renowned Solutions Academy.

Together, we'll explore how individual stories weave into team dynamics and the extraordinary impact that Solution Focused team coaching can have on teams navigating change and generational integration.

Kirsten Dierolf has been coaching teams since 1996 and training team coaches since 2008. She is the owner and founder of SolutionsAcademy, an ICF and EMCC-accredited coach training school.

Cristina Mühl is an accredited coach and team coach both with ICF and EMCC and also an accredited supervisor, working with team coaches to develop their practice.

Carlo Perfetto began his coaching career in 2013, studying and applying the Solution Focused approach to training and team coaching. He works as a coach trainer, mentor, and supervisor for SolutionsAcademy.

Rafal Szaniawski has been coaching using the Solution Focused approach since 2019. He is a coach, mentor, supervisor, and author passionate about helping others change, grow, and thrive.


  1. How does solution focused team coaching differ from traditional team coaching methodologies?
  2. What is the Galveston Declaration, and why is it essential to team coaching?
  3. How does establishing trust and safety play a role in the effectiveness of solution focused team coaching?
  4. The art gallery metaphor was mentioned as a practical tool in solution-focused coaching. Can you explain how this metaphor operates within a team coaching workshop?
  5. Mind maps were highlighted as an effective way to present interview results. How do mind maps contribute to clarity and impact in team coaching sessions?
  6. What are some practical tips from the book that team coaches can apply immediately when working with teams?
  7. With the shift to online team coaching, what strategies or tools have proven most effective in navigating this new virtual landscape?
  8. How can solution focused leadership help eliminate toxic behaviors in a team setting?


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