The Frommer's Legacy: Travel Guides For The Modern Traveler


Welcome, listeners, to another episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series, the podcast where we ignite your passion for outdoor adventure and share essential tips for your next incredible journey. Sit back and let your wanderlust be guided by travel expert and co-president of Frommer's Media, Pauline Frommer.

As bookstores like Barnes & Noble experience a renaissance, Pauline discusses the importance of embracing local bookshops. She'll inspire you with her journey from acting to travel writing and the joy of editing and writing. And as we explore the ever-challenging vistas of the travel industry, Pauline shells out the hidden pearls of making your trips fulfilling. sharing priceless insights, travel advice, and heartwarming stories about the enduring legacy of the Frommer's brand.


  • The Frommer's Legacy
  • The revival of local bookstores and why supporting them is essential for our communities.
  • Overcoming shyness to embrace the transformative power of travel and personal growth.
  • The challenges and rewards of travel writing and how it fosters global education and peace.
  • Staying ahead in an industry affected by the pandemic and AI-generated content.
  • Tips for logical itineraries, thoughtful accommodations, and cultural immersion.
  • Making travel accessible for all, with unique insights for travelers with disabilities and LGBTQ explorers.
  • See this year's "best places to go" list – with Italy as a perennial favorite.


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