The Rewards and Challenges of Project Management


David O'Brien, From Waterfalls to Sprints. The Rewards and Challenges of Project Management

On this episode of Success InSight Podcast, we have a special guest, David O'Brien, a retired project manager with extensive experience in the field.

In this episode, David shares valuable insights and anecdotes about project management and its role in various industries. He discusses the changing landscape of project management, highlighting the impact of Agile methodology and its continuous flow approach.

David emphasizes the importance of project management skills and the versatility of the profession, noting that project managers often go on to become general managers. Furthermore, David delves into the crucial role of a business analyst/product owner in Agile projects, highlighting the importance of active listening and effective communication to understand and solve customer problems. He also shares his experiences working with different industries.


1. How David got into the project management field
2. Is project management a rewarding career?
3. What is the most significant change in project management?
4. What is Agile methodology?
5. Are project management skills valuable in different areas?
6. How crucial is active listening in project management?
7. Do all projects need to be big to be successful?


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