The VIVIFY Effect: How Nature Can Transform Your Professional and Personal Life


In today’s episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series, we chatted with wilderness guide and leadership coach Dom Francks. Dom is the founder and lead guide for the VIVIFY Regenerative Leadership Program, a 4-month transformative journey for adventurous professionals and leaders ready to discover a more profound way of being that incorporates blending leadership coaching with a unique off-trail wilderness backpacking expedition.


  1. Dom's early experiences with climate change influence his career shift from the tech industry to wilderness-based coaching.
  2. The structure of the Vivify program and how it integrates both group and individual coaching elements.
  3. The importance of spending 20 minutes in nature several times a week and how this practice benefits individuals physically and mentally.
  4. What challenges do participants of the Vivify program typically face, and how are these addressed through the program’s structure and activities?
  5. How does the Vivify program cater to individuals with physical disabilities, and why is this inclusivity important for the program’s goals?
  6. In what ways does the week-long backpacking trip in the High Sierra transform Vivify participants?
  7. How does Dom view the role of mindset in his approach to wilderness-based coaching, and what influences have shaped his philosophy?


To learn more about Dom, his work, and his team, visit the VIVIFY website at


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