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In this episode of the Success InSight Podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with the accomplished Po Lindvall, an executive master coach, leadership expert, and esteemed sports psychologist. Po brings a treasure trove of experience as a doctoral researcher and mental health coach for several European national teams.

We explore Po's evidence-based coaching methodology, which blends insights from sports psychology with practical leadership training.

Po will share intriguing outcomes from his mixed-method research on the effectiveness of leadership training programs, highlighting significant behavioral changes and improvements within various organizations.

Moreover, Po will delve into the critical importance of evidence-based coaching, his approach to educational programs for coaches, and the powerful moments of realization and growth he has witnessed during his coaching sessions.


  1. Incorporating Sports Strategies in Business Training
  2. The Art of Coaching
  3. Effective Coaching Techniques
  4. The Impact of Leadership Style on Organizational Performance
  5. The Impact of Leadership Training on Organizational Participation
  6. Building Effective Teams Through Structure
  7. Innovations in Leadership Training
  8. The Impact of Long-Term Coaching


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