Transforming Urban Landscapes Through Regenerative Farming


Welcome to another exciting episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series! In today's episode, we sit down with Greg Peterson, a food system educator, urban farmer, and host of The Urban Farm podcast.

We'll delve into the crucial principles of regenerative farming, the importance of healthy soil, and the environmental impacts of our food system. Greg discusses how he seeks to inspire others to embrace permaculture and live harmoniously with nature, emphasizing the need to grow nutrient-dense foods and reduce food miles.


  • Introduction to Sustainable Practices
  • The Role of Organic Matter
  • Indicators of Soil Health
  • Food Miles and Nutritional Value
  • Regenerative Farming Systems
  • Educational Offerings offered by the Urban Farm
  • How the Urban Farm inspired others in the Phoenix area to start their own urban farm
  • The importance of growing one's own food in terms of nutrient density and taste
  • Permaculture Principles


To learn more about Greg, and his work at The Urban Farm, visit their website at

You can also visit The Urban Farm on these social sites:



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